GLORY 11: Filip Verlinden “The Belgian Bull is coming to win in Chicago!”

Updated: October 8, 2013

Filip GOOD no bgGLORY 11: Chicago will host another amazing night of Kickboxing, with Light Heavyweight contender, Filip Verlinden looking to get back into the Win Column against Saulo Cavalari. In Verlinden’s last outing, we saw him at GLORY 9: New York, going 1-1 in the 95kg Slam, defeating Steve McKinnon by decision and then went all three rounds against the eventual winner, Tyrone Spong. (Spong’s other two opponents didn’t last for a combined minute against him.) For the man known as ‘The Belgian Bull’, losing one fight won’t stop his rise to the top of the division. In Chi-town, his next opponent is a Heavyweight moving down to LHW, in Brazil’s Cavalari. We spoke to Filip via the internet and he was kind enough to answer our questions in the final days before this important fight.

At Glory 9, you got the hard earned win over Steve McKinnon, did you feel confident when the judges’ decision was rendered or were you relieved?
I knew for myself, that I won the fight, I pushed the pace, the action and landed the cleaner shots. But, you never know with judges- because the last round he started throwing some spectacular kicks that where nice for the audience, but they didn’t touch me.  If you get some inexperienced judges they can rob you from your win, so I was a bit relieved, yes.

Filip G9 KneeLater that night, you were the only fighter to take Tyrone Spong the full 3 rounds. What do you remember from that fight?
I felt him out to long and started too late implementing my game, if I had started the 1st round like I did the 3rd round- I could’ve won that fight. I feel that way because I was really finding my grove. In the latter two rounds I felt good, even though I had a full three-round fight already under my belt that night and Spong only fought less than a minute. Still, I felt stronger conditioning-wise, I could have easy fight a 4th round. But, then again that’s a  “Coulda-woulda-shoulda” situation. Next time,  I just have to beat him and take the belt end of story.

How did you like fighting in New York City?
New York was great! Its such a magical city, to be able to fight there was a real honor. Fighting in the states is awesome, I really enjoy the hospitality and the respect you get from the people in our sport.

Is there any particular reason you come to the ring to the song “Let me clear my throat”? (The crowd loved it)
You just said it yourself why-  because people love it! I’m not the dancing around kind of guy when I walk to the ring, but I know you can entertain people with your walkout song. I knew this song would give a certain vibe to get the audience going.

What’s your opinion of your next opponent, Calavari?
He is a strong fighter with some strong punches and kicks , I respect every fighter that steps in that ring with me.  And I don’t take them lightly because I know its his first shot getting in to Glory. Everybody wants to fight for this organization now ,so the reality is that there are young lions everywhere trying to take your spot. So, I trained very hard for this fight just like every other fight to beat him.

Your teammate, Jhonata Diniz has fought him twice, have you worked with him a lot for this fight?
Yes of course, we are proffesional athletes in every way, any small thing than can give us an advantage we will take.  So we definitly worked on some things toghether.

Anything you’d like to say to the fans?
Thanks everybody for supporting me, on October 12th, The Belgian Bull is coming to the hometown of the Bulls, Chicago. Come over or tune in to see me fight at GLORY 11 , the most exciting and spectacular standup fighting organization in the world.

Thanks for your time so close to this fight, Filip, we always enjoy having you on MMA Opinion!
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Check out our previous Interview with Filip, prior to Glory 9 and learn more about him here. GLORY 11 is this Saturday, October 12th, live on SPIKE TV and