5 Reasons Why Chris Weidman will defeat Anderson Silva at UFC 162

Updated: June 29, 2013

6-25-13 016UFC 162 is coming on July 6th, 2013 Live on Pay Per View from Las Vegas NV. The Main Event is for the UFC Middleweight Title, as Chris Weidman challenges the current champion, Anderson ‘Spider’ Silva. Weidman is facing a Herculean task, as Silva is on a sixteen-fight win streak and has defended his title ten consecutive times. Silva is widely considered the Greatest of All-Time and the best fighter on the planet. What could one more opponent offer that so many have not to trigger victory? Chris Weidman has five reasons why he will do what no fighter has done in the Ultimate Fighting Championships.

1) Skill Set: Weidman’s base is wrestling, which has been shown to be the most effective style to give Silva problems. He is a two-time NCAA All American from Hofstra University. As a Mixed Martial Artist, Weidman is undefeated at (9-0) and has built himself into more than just a wreslter, winning by Knock Outs and Submissions. His ability to take his opponent down is astounding at 4.47 takedowns per 15 minutes of UFC fight time (the UFC Average is a mere 1.93) and the time that his opponents have controlled him in his UFC career is a total of three SECONDS.

2) Mental State: Chris Weidman is ready for this fight inside his own head, which many fights are won or lost before the opening bell even rings. He is confident in his abilities and has displayed a calm demeanor as of late. Being undefeated himself has shown him the path to the possible and now he will look across the Octagon at the Champion as a man, a fighter, but not a god or unbeatable force that cannot be overcome. When asked during the UFC 162 Media Call by Karyn Bryant if he needed a ‘Mental Coach’ to prepare for this fight, Chris replied,“I have a degree in Psycology, so I think I’ll be alright”.

3) Preparation Time: While many may see the time from Weidman’s KO victory over Mark Munoz almost exactly one year ago as a bad thing, I think its the reverse. This past year has been getting ready for one ultimate goal: To face and defeat Anderson Silva. He has healed completely from an injury earlier in the year and now is at a physical peak without any recent battles to have held him back in the least. He has sparred and worked out at a full training schedule and has benefited from the time leading up to this fight.

4) Coaches: Matt Serra and Ray Longo combined together as fighter and coach to defeat UFC Welterweight Champion, Georges St. Pierre at UFC 69, in April 2007 by first round Knock Out. Serra was one of the biggest underdogs in Mixed Martial Arts history, but was able to destroy St. Pierre with an aggressive attack that was highly effective and won him the title. These men are Weidman’s coaches. Everyday he works with a man who ‘Shocked the world’ and learns his craft with the knowledge first-hand that he can beat an ‘unbeatable’ fighter. These coaches are also smart enough to take Chris elsewhere to hone his skills and expound on them, such is the case of me finding Weidman at Renzo Gracie’s BJJ & MMA Academy this past Saturday. Gracie has been contributing his time and knowledge to expounding on Weidman’s already formidable submission skills. The coaching staff have also brought in Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson to help ‘mimic’ Anderson in training.

5) Intangibles: It might just be Anderson’s time to lose, primarily because its becoming routine for him to defeat his Middleweight challengers. He sounded very blase in answering questions about this upcoming fight, and may be overlooking Weidman. It only takes a few seconds to lose a fight, and no man is without flaw. There are chinks in Anderson Silva’s armor, and Weidman is ready to strike. Is it Destiny? Is it Fate? Is it God’s Will? There may be no easy answer to explain why Chris Weidman won this fight after it happens.

If you’re drowning and I throw you a rope will you take it? Yes. If you get cut will you bleed? Yes. Will all five of the factors I listed above lead to the defeat of Anderson Silva and the victory of the new champion Chris Weidman? Yes.


Photo Credit: Zeus King


  1. Anonymous

    June 29, 2013 at 4:45 am

    Blah blah blah. Anderson silva wins!

  2. Anonymous

    June 29, 2013 at 5:25 am

    Weidman is overrated!!! Who has he beaten in order to challenge the champion? One victory over Mark Munhos took him from nowhere to the top??? So much BS…. People talk say CW is a bad match for AS becouse of his first fight against Chael Sonnen, when AS was injured and sonnen was high on testosterone!!! nobody else did that with AS ever, not even Chael in the second fight!
    There are a thousand reasons why AS will defeat Chris Weidman. Just look at the facts!

    • Anonymous

      June 29, 2013 at 3:28 pm

      you are a typical silva fan.. 1 you use the excuse of him being hurt when he got dominated.. 2 you sound like you would love to get penetrated by silva

      • Anonymous

        June 29, 2013 at 7:04 pm

        You seem to forget that Chael’s T/E ratio was 17:1 for that fight.

        • Anonymous

          June 29, 2013 at 7:50 pm

          is what universe was chael’s t/e ration 17:1 ? you’re an idiot. anderson is overlooking weidman. weidman will punch him in the face take him down and strangle the spider. weidman by d’arce choke round 2

          • Anonymous

            June 30, 2013 at 6:18 am

            It’s a common fact. Did you not remember the whole steroid controversy? Chael’s a cheater. He partakes in testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) which every other fighter gets shit for such as Vitor or Dan Henderson whose levels are normal… Chael’s were completely high that’s why. Look at all his fighter profiles online. Type in “Chael Sonnen TRT” or “Chael Sonnen testosterone” or any reference you would like. I hate Anderson, I think he is cocky and arrogant, I also can’t stand Sonnen so I’m not being biased. Anderson is a dick, but Sonnen STILL cheated.

  3. Anonymous

    July 2, 2013 at 10:29 am

    You think that bullshit pre fight talk means something? So you gonna say Sonnen said so many convincing thinks pre fight with SIlva , hes so confident he cant lose, Lol this is Anderson SIlva , biggest MMA legend ever , + he offered Dana to sign 10 fights conctract, Wiedman will lose hes head somewhere around 2nd round.

  4. Me

    July 3, 2013 at 2:50 pm

    Silva fans are just as pathetic as silva haters! No one can just look at how this fight is matched up stylisticly on paper. But we all know (well I think anyways) on paper this is a “VERY” bad match up for the spider. But true fans of not only mma but any sport for that matter will realize that anything is possible. And that paper is only made of a tree and not fairy dust. Can silva lose this fight? YES! Can he win it? OF COARSE! But nobody is invincible. Not even superman. But no one has found supersilvas kryptonite yet. Is it CW? Is it his wrestling? His ground and pound? His bjj? Or is gsp, bones, or even someone that isn’t fighting in the UFC yet? It maybe he will even lose outside of the ufc. Maybe aginst Roy Jones Jr??? But when its all said and done there i always someone who is bigger and better than you. Just like there is someone bigger and better than CW. It may or may not even be the great Anderson “The Spider” Silva.