Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson: “I don’t have a message; I’m just here to fight!” WSOF 2 Media Call

Updated: March 19, 2013


MMA World Series of Fighting Media Call 3-19-13 WSOF2

Guests WSOF President Ray Sefo, Andrei Arlovski, his opponent, Anthony Johnson, Marlon Moraes and his opponent, Tyson Nam.

The call began with the announcement that the WSOF has signed a deal with Univision Deportes,  its first foray into MMA.

The first 7  WSOF fights will be streamed live on and the main card starts at 9:30 pm on NBC Sports Network (formerly the Versus Channel).

Questions I asked:

Ray, you’ve said you want to end your career with 100 fights and with the resurgence of Kick boxing due to the Glory World Series, have you considered fighting one of your last bouts there?

Sefo: I might like a kickboxing fight, but no one from Glory has asked me about fighting there.

ZK Could you share some thoughts about the late Ramon ‘Diamond’ Dekkers?

Sefo : I had the honor to meet Ramon many times in Japan and Holland, he was a true warrior and may he rest in peace, my son is named for him.

ZK : WSOF Light Heavyweight Fighter Tyrone Spong is fighting Remy Bonjasky at GLORY 5 in London Saturday, who you got winning?

Sefo: I’m picking Tyrone to beat Remy. Tyrone will fight on the June WSOF event.

To Anthony Johnson:

ZK : Do you think anyone will ever be dumb enough to put a cookie in their mouth in front of you at a weigh in?

AJ : (Laughs) No, I don’t think so, but it worked out good for him (his last opponent DJ Linderman) because now he can eat all the cookies he wants to.

To Andrei Arlovski:

ZK: Andrei, how do you like networking on Google+ ? I’ve seen you doing Q&A on there.

AA: I like it good, I post from my website and from the Google+

Other quotes:

When asked if he’s trying to send a message to other fighters or organizations by defeating Arlovski: Johnson said:  “I don’t have a message, I’m just here to fight!”
When asked if Rumble will stay at HW if he wins Saturday, Ray Sefo replied: “If Rumble wants to continue at HW that’s his and his camp’s decision, I don’t feel like I should pressure him to be in any particular weight, as long as he looks good and comes to fight like he did in his last fight, or any of his last four fights for that matter.”
Andrei Arlovski:  “I still have lots of years left to fight.” “I respect Rumble he is another step towards my goal.”
“I work hard with Greg Jackson on technique and with other guys too. I want to get better at every discipline in MMA.”

Anthony Johsnon on pressure: ” I don’t feel any pressure, I’m ten times better than the guy I was when I fought Belfort. “
” I don’t have to watch out for one thing from Andrei, I have to watch out for everything, this is MMA.”
When asked about fighting more frequently: “The more I fight, the more I get paid, keep ‘em coming.”
Asked about a possible fight versus Blackzilian Teammate Tyrone Spong: “Tyrone is like my brother, I don’t see the point of fighting him, we train everyday so, I don’t see any point of us fighting, we’d just end up really beat up and that won’t get us anywhere.”
More from the President: “We are looking to add talent from NZ and Australia, we have spoken to people from Mark Hunt’s camp, and we also close to a TV deal down there.”
” I have a meeting in London with a gentleman looking to start a league there. No plans to co promote with Bellator or ONE FC as of now.”
When asked about having any of the Glory kickboxers fight MMA in WSOF like Glory HW Champ Semmy Schilt: “I think Semmy Schilt is happy where he is, but if he’d like to come to the U.S. and fight we’d love to have him.”
He was asked about a Mirko Cro Cop vs Arlovski super fight in WSOF: “If we can make that happen we will and we will talk to Andrei about it in the future.”

Ray added a little bit directed towards internet trolls:
” If you’ve never known what its like to be a fighter like these guys, then don’t disrespect them, criticsm is one thing, but insulting is another.”

Finally the WSOF representative with Mr. Sefo added: “We are not a farm system for any other organization or promotion.” So, in my opinion, I think they don’t want fans thinking that a little success in WSOF means they get to leave and jump right (back)  into the UFC.