Nick Diaz and Georges St.Pierre have a War of Words on the UFC 158 Media Call

Updated: March 7, 2013

ufc158(March 7, 2013) The UFC had a Media Call for the main participants of UFC 158 and it quickly degenerated into a verbal sparring match between UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre and challenger Nick Diaz. Diaz was just a few seconds late, but made up for his tardiness with quotes galore. Here’s the best of the play-by-play:

GSP: ”I never tweeted in my life, I have people do that for me, I don’t do any social media… unfortunately”

“I ask Firas to become my number one coach and things go well from there” “He’s a good friend of mine, he knows what goes through my mind,”

“I’m not thinking past Nick Diaz, I wan the big fight, but right now Nick Diaz is the big fight”

“His fight w BJ solidifies his position as the #1 contender and his fight with Carlos was very close, so he has solidified his spot”

Are you pampered? Diaz interupted with “I hope so muther fucker if I had that much money I’d be fucking pampered”

GSP:  “Let me tell you something you uneducated fool” “You look pretty smart right now”

“I’m not always been rich, I work very hard to get where I am now, you haven’t made it here cause you have not succeed yet, and maybe you never will. You don’t know what it takes to become champion”

“I can’t understand half of what you say. I speak better English than you do.”

“We are having this fight cause you are the number one guy, you and I have animosity and that’s good for our fight”

Diaz “I say he (GSP) is a little out of line. I think, we are both martial artists and I come from a background of important martial artists. I think GSP he knows that I’m the right person to be in this spot right now.”

“I’m only disrespectful because I want the recognition from GSP that I deserve to be here, that I’m the rightful opponent”

“Disrespectful, what?”

“I know where the fuck I come from” “Im ready to do my dog, I’m ready for real”

“Think I’ve been training smarter. GSP and I are a lot different. I look past every opponent for the number one spot at WW and I look for the win”

“I would be honored to to be in that position (WW Champ) and be able to fight either the 85 champ OR the 55 pound champ, I’d love to become the first double champion”

“I don’t mind if there’s a camera crew in the back of my car, I could give a shit, I just want to know”

“My life is a mess, but I don’t have people doing shit for me, I’m doing it all myself- I’m pretty fucked, I’m busy fighting all your fights”

“I lost a shitload of fights but I’m here, they don’t want to see 5 minutes of holding”

” I’m not jealous. You did the right shit that you had to do. I don’t mean to be disrespectful. I don’t have anything against you”

“I don’t think I deserve to get beat down, I don’t think that you do either, I wanna win the fight” “Some 40 yr old soccer mom leans her head out the window and says to me ‘I hope GSP beats the shit out of you’ I’m in fuckin Lodi, Bitch and I gotta hear this shit”

“I’d like to think I’m kinda talking in my defense” “I’d like to be known as someone that kept it real.” “I’m like the super hero of anti-bullshit comin in here”

“I’m a fan of Georges St Pierre”



  1. Anonymous

    March 8, 2013 at 1:49 am

    what is the time of the diaz and gsp problem.

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