Chris Clodfelter is on the ROAD TO GLORY, an 8-man one-night Kickboxing Tourney in NYC

Updated: January 10, 2013

cc1Chris Clodfelter, a Muay Thai Kickboxer and Mixed Martial Artist was featured in MMA Opinion’s Fighters on the Rise last year and is returning to action for the GLORY World Series event: Road to Glory in New York City, March 22, 2013. The Road to Glory will be several events across the United States, looking for fresh talent to bolster their already impressive roster. And what better way to see if these American newcomers can handle being in Glory, the World’s number one Kickboxing promotion? That’s right- a one night tournament, Glory-style. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but word is that these fighters will have at least the opening round with two-minute time limit rounds and best of three;  and if one fighter is ahead 2 rounds to nil, they advance to the next level in the tournament.

cc7The venue hasn’t been announced yet, but I suspect Glory will hold this event in Madison Square Garden. Last March, Clodfelter was in the main event of the first-ever Muay Thai kickboxing event in MSG, presented by the promotion TAKE-ON. Clodfelter tells about his experience there:

“Fighting Muay Thai in MSG was AMAZING! I’m not going lie, i was a little intimidated by the whole thing because when I was a kid, (Muhammad) Ali fought there. So many other greats fought there, too and we got to be the FIRST in history to fight Muay Thai there. They escorted us through the crowd with security and place was SOLD OUT. They really reacted positively to the event and seemed to really love it. I had people on the street after the event coming up to me saying ‘good job’ and ‘great fight’.”

Since then, Clodfelter has been actively training himself and his students at his gym,  Eight Points Muay Thai and Fitness in Winston-Salem, NC. He had two members  fighting at XFC 19: Charlotte Showdown on the undercard and in December at Rings of Dreams, three of his charges; Liam Donohoe, Sean Goode and Michael Stevens were all victorious with Clodfelter in their corner. He has led these and other students to victory at other regional Muay Thai competitions, too.

Keeping himself in top shape, Clodfelter looks to make a huge splash on the high profile organization and likes his chances to win. We will break more information about this Road to Glory event and the rest of the series across America as we are privy to it.

We at MMA Opinion, wish nothing but success for Chris and hope the Road to Glory will lead him to their biggest events around the world.