The Night I Found out Jon Jones is an A**Hole, by Jazz Singh Gill

Updated: November 9, 2012

The Night I Found out Jon Jones is an A**Hole

By Jazz Singh Gill

It was Saturday night in Las Vegas and after a week in Sin City which had left me emotionally, physically and financially drained, I was hoping to have an epic final night of my holiday.

So, when I saw MMA superstar and possibly one of the greatest athletes of all time Jon ‘Bones’ Jones outside club XS in the Encore hotel, as a huge fight fan it is easy to understand how I felt. A chance to meet, greet and get a picture with this living legend was going to make my night.

As he strode up to the club, decked out in his nightclub wear, shades on, I caught his eye.

“Mr Bones Jones, champ! I am a huge fan, can I get a picture please!?”

“Not now man” he said, raising his palm towards my face in the manner of a woman rejecting the sleazy advances of a drunken man.

I stood there, shocked. Jones went over to the bouncers of the club and began chatting. He was standing right f**king there! He had no reason to decline me!

“Yo Jones, I am a writer you know! I am from England too! I will tell people about this!”

The UFC light-heavyweight champion of the world just looked at me, said something to the bouncer, laughed and walked into the club.

Now, as a writer and a fan disconnected from the UFC scene being based in London, England, I never bought into the ‘Jon Jones is fake’ thing. I saw a young man handling his superstardom in what seemed a humble manner. His constant religious references also played up to me, being a firm believer in God myself. Far from a Jon Jones hater, I considered myself a huge admirer.

Slightly pissed off with the rebuff from Jones, I continued into the club and carried on with my night. After a drink or three I found myself upstairs, in the row of private booths, talking to some lovely Arab people that had went to school in London (Eton, no less). I looked towards the end of the row of booths and there I saw him.

Once again he was striding towards me.

“Jones, it is me, you blanked me outside, you owe me a picture..”

He ignored me completely. He went to the bar. I went up behind him.

“Come on bro, I just want a pic!”

He didn’t say a word, just gave a sideways glance with a disdainful look on his face. Regardless, I got my phone out, put my arm around him and got ready to take the pic. Before it was taken, he pulled my arm from off around him.

I had my picture now but it didn’t appease me. Here we were, in one of the best clubs in the world, surrounded by people and it was only me asking him for a picture while he was buying a drink, yet Jones was acting like I was interrupting his Christmas dinner.

I said “Thanks for the pic” while he still ignored me. He paid for his drink and while he did he dropped five dollars. I bent down to pick it up for him and just about as I grasped it he shoved me aside and snatched it out my hand like I was trying to get him in an ankle-lock. Then he walked off; no goodbye, no pleasantries, no nothing.

I saw him upstairs a few times again, getting his grove on dancing and getting up-close-and-personal with a lovely looking Asian lady (of which I have a picture – that is not a threat) but he was only interested in speaking with his friend and females.

The salt in the wound though came when later on that night I met Jake Shields in the same club and the former Strikeforce champion treated me like one of his good friends, having a good long chat with me, even inviting me for a drink with him after I told him about how Jones had acted.

Not trying to cause beef within the MMA community but I must add what Shields said about Jones.

“The guy is a d**k man, everyone in MMA knows it.”

When I arrived back in England, I told a few others I know in the MMA world about Jones’ behaviour. They – including someone close to another of the very biggest fighters in the world – all reiterated what Shields had said; all of MMA knows that Jon Jones is an a**hole.

Now the thing is, certain people in sports I would not begrudge these actions of, certain people also at the level of Jon Jones; say Cristiano Ronaldo, Floyd Mayweather and even Usain Bolt. But these are sportsmen that are openly arrogant and they don’t try to claim to be otherwise. I understand now why Jones has been called fake; he acts like a humble, noble individual but really he is arrogant and facetious, not the people’s champion he acts like.

I know there will be hundreds if not thousands of fans that will say ‘I met Jones and he was such a nice guy’ but honestly, I am certain at those times he felt he had to act like that. With myself, he thought because it was only me trying to get his attention, he could just be rude and get away with it. Well I hope he hasn’t. I hope Dana White reads this, I hope Greg Jackson does too. I hope his father, his wife and his brothers all read this.

I hope they all let Jon Jones know that he is known as an a**hole by lots and lots of people. I hope they let him know that he should respect everyone – from fans to fighters – because we all helped him to get where he is, whether he realises it or not. I will end this with a quote from the great Jack Dempsey that will hopefully help Jon Jones learn something.

“A champion owes everybody something. He can never pay back for all the help he got, for making him an idol.”

PS – I hope Chael Sonnen pounds him into the ground

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*Editor’s note: I have been working with Jazz via The Super Fight League for a couple of months now. He has always been a class act and I have no reason to question his journalistic integrity. -Zeus King