This Weeks Poll – Would You Like To See Women’s MMA in the UFC?

Updated: October 10, 2012

Could Women’s MMA in the UFC be a thing of the near future?

Recent rumors of the upcoming demise of Strikeforce may or may not be true, but regardless of what happens to the company it’s hard to deny that they’re being treat dreadfully by Zuffa. The fighters are waiting too long between fights and in many cases the prime time of some fighters careers are being wasted. On top of that Zuffa recently had to cancel an event in September and with the upcoming November 3rd card being plagued by injuries it is looking quite likely that it will be cancelled too.

If Strikeforce does indeed get shut down, what does this do for Women’s MMA? The current top ranked female fighter is in Strikeforce, Ronda Rousey, but what about the rest of them? Where is the division full of challengers? Sure there is the inevitable fight between Ronda and Cyborg, but when and where will that fight happen? You can rest assured it will be under the Zuffa banner as UFC president Dana white has expressed a lot of  interest in the armbar machine that is Rousey, and although he once said fans will never see a female MMA bout in a UFC octagon, he recently hinted that he would love to put Rousey v Cyborg on a UFC PPV. But if that was to happen, what happens next?

Invicta is a fresh new company that specialises in Womens MMA, and they have proven that there is a lot of female talent out there, and that there is indeed divisions deep enough to make interesting fights. Infact the company has 5 divisions from Featherweight down to Atomweight, all packed with tons of talent. Their first 3 events have been met with almost universal praise, putting on entire cards of fantastic non-stop entertaining action. It’s obvious to see that Invicta is becoming the number 1 company in the world for Womans MMA.

So where does this leave Ronda Rousey? The number 1 female fighter in the word, who is under contact with Zuffa. If the UFC do put the Cyborg fight on PPV will it be a one-off? Will the UFC watch potential challengers grow in Invicta and then contract them to fight the champ? Or will Zuffa buy out Invicta and absorb another 5 divisions into it’s already stacked roster? I doubt it.

An interesting situation would be if Zuffa purchased Invicta but kept it running as a separate entity just for the female fighters, much like they did with the WEC and the lighter weight classes. Another thing that could be done is co-promotion, but this is highly unlikely given the stance Dana White took on working with M-1 when trying to sign Fedor.

Of course Strikeforce may carry on running, with Rousey being the star power it needs to stay alive. But it’s hard to deny that it most certainly hasn’t been “business as usual”, and the WMMA situation is worth discussing at this point as it is so close to be completely up in the air.

So I ask…

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