XFC 20 HIGH OCTANE Results, Knoxville TN on AXS TV

Updated: September 29, 2012

Chonci Houston vs. Tyler Hunley-  Rnd 1 No touch gloves- lots of exchanges, Hunley’s reach gives him the advantage in strikes, get a TD on Houston, another exchange, knees by Hunley and then Houston, accidental Low Blow by Hunley, then furious exchange to end the round.  Houston swelling on the temples

Round 2- Houston Clinches and gets a takedown and gets top position. Houston’s nose is red and a little blood. Hunley charges in with a flurry and gets taken down again to end the round.

Round 3- Hunley with strikes controlling things stuffs Houston’s TD, circles and strikes Houston. Houston  Clinches, breaks up Nice Superman punch by Hunley, then sprawls out a TD attempt by Houston. The round ends looks like Hunley 30-27.

Steve Thomas vs. Jake Fine Round 1-Thomas with a body punch flurry, they clinch Fine has a single leg against the cage. Fine gets the TD into halfguard.  Thomas pushes off the cage. Fine passes onto mount, Thomas rolls and gives up his back, Finne gets the hooks in and secures the RNC.

Adam Hyde vs David Miles  Round 1- Big Punches from Hyde then kicks from Miles. Hyde catches a kick and takes Miles to the mat, takes the top. Miles rocking a Ian McCall Stache. Hyde passes to half, gets back in full guard.  Takes side control, Miles pushes off and gets up rocking Hyde with punches. Hyde catches a kicks gets the legs and the takedown to end the round.

Round 2 Miles starts off striking, then Hyde takes him down again. GNP Miles reverses takes the top, scramble to the top punches, but Hyde gets another takedown. Miles working singel buttlerfly guard effectively.  Hyde takes side and tries to get the back but slides off and Miles is on to end the round.

Round 3-  Leg kicks huge exchange rocks bothe Miles hurt worse put on his back, beaten down hard Hyde rains down with punches gets the back and sinks in the RNC for the tapout.

Chad Perrine vs Ian Boxhorn Round 1- Exchanges turn into dancing around, then a hard kick into the clinch gainst the cage, knees by both fighters.  Then a groin strike by knee to Boxhorn stops the action. Perrine attacks after the break, another clinch and Boxhorn pushes Perrine against the cage then another knee to Boxhorn’s gonads, but no point taken away. Kicks by Boxhorn then another clinch by Perrine, who holds the cage twice and then a third time.

Round 2- Boxhorn wins the early exchanges and gets the TD and is in Perrine’s half guard, raining down punches.  Control by Boxhorn, knee to the body as he tries to pass into side control.  Perrine looks tired.  Boxhorn tries for an Americana then tries to pass the half guard, punches to the body. Boxhorn postures up and punches as the round ends.

Round 3- Perrine starts to flurry but gets taken down, Boxhorn in full guard, controlling trying to posture and strike.  More and more top control by Boxhorn, goes for the Americana again, cries of “Homer Simpson” from Perrine’s corner, to no avail, Boxhonrn tries to keep him down but Perrine finally escapes and ends the round punching weakly.

Winner UD Boxhorn

Zach Odom vs Craig Johnson Round 1- Johnson strikes hard and gets the TD, Odom tries for an armbar , Johnson ends up controlling and gets on top, over and over, steps into side control, tries for an Americana, Odom pushes off the cage.  Johnson in control, breathing heavily. Controlling  Odom from the back punches to the head.  Odom scrambles gets Johsnons back, slides up too high goes for an arm bar and Johnson doesn’t tap and takes the top again, stacks Odom and gets one good punch before the round ends.
Round 2- Leg kick by Odom, another one, punches to Johnson then gets the TD on Odom, but lets him up.  Punch by Odom, punch and TD by Johnson, takes tthe back, Odom turns and gets stacked and punched.  Johnson jumps on top get mount and punches gets hooks in  goes for RNC lets it go mounted on Odom’s side more punches full mount by Johnson, Odom rolls but eats more and more punches. The rf stops it for the TKO win for Johnson.

Cory Alexander vs D’Angelo Brynum- Cancelled

Nate Landwehr vs Chris Wright Round1- Clinch game early Wright in control, then control to Landwehr  who gets the TD and in top control. Wright tries to get a rubber guard, goes across the throat of Landwehr with his shin and tries a choke, escape then stacks Wright who goes for an arm bar, scramble and Wright and Landwehr get up and clinch some more. Landwehr has Wright pressed to the cage as time expires.

Round 2- Punches and kicks from both- Landwehr slaps his own head and tells Wright to come on, gets in picks him up for a huge slam, into half guard and dominating the top, postures up lands an elbow they get up.  Big punches and kicks from Nate, goes for TD stops breaks Wright’s guillotine attempt and then hits big punches and gets another TD into full mount.  Nate is all over him  angry hard punches from mount and the ref calls for the TKO! Nate Landwehr wins. Wright’s cornerman is angry and charges Nate and gets the BOO’s!

Anthony Lemon vs Drew Kennedy Round 1 Lemon with big punches and knees floors Kennedy with a punch, busts Kennedy open, gets him down again, but Kennedy gets his own TD and takes Lemon’s back, but he escapes, gets caught in a Kennedy arm bar, but punches out and takes the back and tries a RNC , Kennedy gets out and takes into his guard.  Kennedy passes and gets mount then tries to take Lemon’s back again and secures the RNC for the win.

Cornelius Godfrey vs Shah Bobonis Round 1- Shah keeping distance and then Godfrey gets a TD, Bobonis gets back up. Not engaging much, finally a clinch and Bobonis with aspinning belly to belly suplex and takes top position. Bobonis in control as the round ends with them getting up and exchanging.

Round 2- More distance, then Bobonis in for a TD , Godfrey back up, Bobonis with another TD followed by GNP. Godfrey up and takes Bobonis down, tries to defend with a guillotine choke as the horn sounds.

Round 3- Exchanges back and forth hard punches and kicks , Bobonis with another TD, top control  stacks Godfrey and back into full guard. Godfrey up and lands heavy punches on Bobonis, goes for submission gets caught in a heel hook gets up , Bobonis with a TD into full guard.  Bobonis is cut and forces Godfrey down again.  Both back up Godfrey hunting and punching, Bobonis tired going to a TD Godfrey reverses it and then Bobonis gets on top as the round ends.

Bobonis wins 29-28 on all cards.

Chris Dunn vs Joby Sanchez Round 1- Lots of feeling out, not much engaging to start, Dunn with a big punch, kick and a TD. Sanchez with a triangle and gets the win via sub!

Sara Maloy vs Sofia Bagherdai Round 1 Both gals are swinging heavy leather! Then Maloy presses Sofia against the cage for some clinch work, Maloy tries a sweep but Sofia reverses it and gets on top and into sie control. Sofia presses with elbows and gets mount, lots of punches and Maloy gets out but Sofia is back on top. Sofia stands up and takes the mount again and rains down punches until the ref comes in to stop the fight. Bagherdai by TKO!

Chris Coggins vs Scott Hotlzman: Round 1 Coggins comes out strong but Holtzman is stronger, muscles Coggins around the cage and the TD, massive GNP gets the crowd on their feet heavy hands from Hot Sauce and complete control and domination.  Coggins covers and gets mauled for almost a Rosenthal minute before the ref calls the fight for Holtzman.

Lorenzo Borgomeo vs Eric Reynolds: Round 1- No touch gloves. Punches and kicks exchanges, Reynolds kicks and lunges in with a knee.  Reynolds winning exchanges, Borgomeo’s face reddening.  Strikes and pushes Reynolds to the cage, Reynolds comes out striking and Lorenzo returns fire. Reynolds opens a cut on Borgomeo’s temple, body shot from Reynolds, blood flowing , head kick from Lorenzo, ducks a punch and takes Reynolds down. Big strikes on top as Reynolds tries to get out as the horn blows.

Round 2- Reynolds hunts Borgomeo down and they exchange kicks and punches around the cage.  Foot stomps by Reynolds, body kick by Borgomeo, and a plumb knee and then leg kicks but Reynolds keeps coming. Leg kick by Lorenzo, then a TD attempt and Eric counters with a guillotine and tries to stop the TD , Lorenzo pushes him against the cage, with Reynolds using butterflies but they get up and exchange, Reynolds catches a kick and sweeps Lorenzo and catches the guillotine and finishes with the submission victory!

A great night of fights, all of the fighters went full-bore from bell to bell. Excellent production all the way around. Next show is December 7th in Nashville TN.

Thanks to XFC President, John Prisco, TJ Alcock and all the great XFC staff and fighters for hosting MMA Opinion again!