Urijah Faber: “We should be able to knee and kick to the head of downed opponents”

Updated: June 8, 2012

Urijah was a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience last night and among many other things, he discussed his thought’s on the current ruleset in MMA and also his feelings on Dominic Cruz’ style of fighting.

I think you should be able to do knees to a downed opponent and even kick a guy when he’s down, because this is a fight. The thing that’s so intriguing about our sport is that this is what would really happen if you mess with someone and they know what they’re doing, this is what you’re going to have to deal with. It is still that that but it’s one of those thing where you have to look after people safety but you don’t want people abusing the rules and putting there knee down all of a sudden or putting their hand down, its like if you’re in a bad position you should be able to react.

You can’t really criticize him [Dominic Cruz] too much, I feel like he could have the potential to finish guys but he doesn’t go for that, and this is really a simulated fight, a fight to the death, and Diaz says the same thing, he says “If we were in a fight to the death, you know, who would win?”, and at that level I would like to see guys try to finish all the time, not try to play by the rules or just tag someone and look like you’re hurting them. I feel like Dominic has the potential to do some damage but he either just doesn’t know how or doesn’t try to finish, it’s a mentality thing.

I don’t feel like point fighting is winning. You can’t really knock a guy for being good at what he does, if you get a guy that crumbles they will probably finish him but I like to go in with the mentality of ‘let’s do war!’, and Renan Barao is going to try to finish me for sure, and I’m going to try and finish Barao, it’s going to be till the bitter end, it’s not going to be pitter patting and stuff like that.

Urijah Faber fights Renan Barao at UFC 148 on July 7th in Las Vegas. You can watch the full podcast below and it is also available on iTunes and Stitcher Smart Radio.

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